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Aeolian Islands

Rugged & beautiful, a photographer’s paradise!

From Salerno you will set off on the Saturday afternoon and, after stopping for an onboard dinner at Punta Licosa, on the Cilento Coast, your skipper will do a night crossing over to the Aeolean Islands. When you wake up in the morning, you will already be in this wonderful sailing area where you will visit Stromboli, Lipari, Vulcano, Salina and Panarea and find a combination of rugged natural beauty, fantastic bays for swimming and superb food!

Aeolian Islands Experience Map


On a typical one-week’s cruise, your skipper will take you to visit:

Aeolean Islands - A photographer's paradise

Aeolean Islands - These gorgeous  islands, very different one from the other, make this a photogopher’s paradise


Stromboli: Rising majestically out of the deep blue sea, the world’s most active volcano, Stromboli, is a wonderful sight! It is, in fact, completely safe so your skipper will take you to visit S.Pietro, the Island’s very pretty main town where you will enjoy the unique character (and very good restaurants!) of the island. After dark, your skipper will take you to see the Sciara di Fuoco – the lava spurting up into the sky! For the energetic ones, we can organize a trip to the top of the crater.

Stromboli - Eruption from 15 miles away

Stromboli - Summer, 2014. An unusually large and spectacular eruption, seen from 15 miles away

Lipari - View of Marina Corta

Lipari - A view of the pretty Old Port and Chapel known as Marina Corta

Lipari: The main island of the group, Lipari, is also the main town. The busy Old town is full of charm with numerous side streets and alleys packed with restaurants, bars and clubs. The Castel is also well worth a visit. Your skipper will also take you to the famous White Pumice beach where you can swim in the most spectacular, crystal-clear, turquoise water of the Mediterranean!

Lipari - The lively Old Town

Lipari - The lively Old Town is full of shops, bars and restaurants

Lipari: view of Marina Corta

Sunset in Lipari

Pretty restaurant in Lipari

Vulcano: Although it’s craters have been dormant for thousands of years, this island has very active hot sulphur springs and is famous for it’s hot mud baths and hot seawater. A hot mud bath is a must! The Pasta alla Norma at one of the excellent local restaurants, is also highly recommended!

Vulcano - Sunset in the beautiful anchorage of the Porto di Levante

Vulcano - Sunset in the Porto di Ponente with it’s amazing, rugged rock formations

Salina - View from the sea

Salina - A view of this amazing island formed by two exctict volcanos

Salina: The island, formed from two extict volcanos, is extremely pretty with it’s lush vegetation, unique architecture, excellent restaurants, beautiful rugged coastline and crystal-clear water. A vistit to Punta Lingua is a must to taste the fantastic Pane Cunzato and the best Granite (fruit slushes) in the world.

Salina - A view through a sidestreet of the typical Aeolean architucture

Salina - A view through a sidestreet of the typical Aeolean architucture

Panarea - The idilic Cala Milazzese

Panarea - The idilic Cala Milazzese: an ideal anchorage for the night

Panarea:  Although it is a relatively small island, Panarea has it all! Wonderful little coves for swimming and spending the night, historical sites, gorgeous architecture, excellent restaurants and for the young-at-heart, the famous Raya nightclub. What more could you want!

Panarea - nightlife

Panarea - The Terrace of the famous Raya nightclub. For the young-at-heart!

Panarea - The Neolithic settlement above Cala Junco

Panarea - The Neolithic settlement above Cala Junco and Cala Milazzese

On the Thursday night, he will do another night crossing so that you can wake up at Punta Licosa on the  Cilento Coast for a relaxed final day of sailing and swimming.

While sailing around the islands, your skipper will anchor in beautiful inlets or coves for an unforgettable swim (places that only someone with local knowledge would know). When you reach your destination, he will take you to visit all the places of interest and can recommend all the best restaurants in which you can enjoy the fantastic local cuisine.